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Otter Reviews - Hear from Burger Fuel, Yummy Wok, and more about their experience using Otter!

August 8, 2022

Otter Reviews: What do people say about Otter?

From food trucks to global chains, restaurants around the world trust Otter to power their delivery business within one tablet. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, optimise operations, or understand performance—we got you covered. And if you find yourself asking "how do I manage a food delivery business?" or "how do I run multiple delivery apps?" - we also got you covered. Don’t believe us? Hear Otter reviews from some of our restaurant partners.

Otter reviews from Dark Kitchens 

Otter's restaurant management solutions help dark kitchens ensure that they're making the most of food delivery.

Mqammer loves being able to focus on making delicious pastry thanks to Otter 

Mqammer Logo
“Now with Otter, we are in a very relaxed state. Otter does all the hard work for us. All we have to think about is making the food. Before we had to do everything manually, from taking orders, to printing the tickets for the kitchen staff. It was a real headache.” - Abu Yassin, Mqammer

Managing four virtual brands under one rood with Otter was a “no-brainer” for Feed Me Kitchen

FeedMeKitchen Logo
“Otter has all the integrations with the delivery services, so picking it was a no-brainer, Otter was the perfect solution.” - Nasser Khanjar, Feed Me Kitchen

FOODIOOM makes decisions with Otter's “ very powerful” management tools

“ The reports feature gives you a very professional complete vision. Otter has given me the feeling of having a very powerful management tool. I can see how the operation is going, how the sales are going and what can be done to improve.” - Ernesto Barrón, FOODIOOM

Reviews from local restaurants (small & medium businesses)

Otter's restaurant management solutions help local restaurants around the globe optimize delivery operations.

Otter helps Pizza Presto optimise operations and innovate in the kitchen

Pizza Presto Logo
“Yes, before Otter, I had times where I wanted to let go, I was tired of running all the time. My office looked like a control tower, with screens everywhere... A screen for Uber Eats, a screen for Deliveroo, and another one for Just-Eat,... not to mention my own computer for management, commissary,... It was hell! We did stupid things, we missed orders! And I no longer had the time to optimise and innovate in the kitchen." - Rodolf Boutros, Pizza Presto 

Yummy Wok takes control of their delivery data with Otter insights

Yummy Wok Logo
“Data access is the most important feature for us, we like to keep track of how many orders we get from every delivery partner on a daily basis so we can see what’s working for us.” - Arvin Tobias, Yummy Wok

Sweet Time increases sales and centralises orders with Otter 

Sweet Time Logo
“Thanks to an excellent relationship with Jean (Otter sales rep), we have created 4 virtual brands which have allowed us to increase our sales while receiving all our orders on a single tablet”. - Mickaël Valerius, Sweet Time

Otter’s Business Manager empowers Bocadillos Oink to monitor its business performance

Bocadillos Oink Logo
“Every day I am on Business Manager checking that everything in the restaurant is running well. We can know what the best-selling products have been, the least sold, which promotions are working the best, how many sales they made, if it was what was expected or more. It's ideal for getting metrics.” - Cristian Rueda, Bocadillos Oink

PizzaClik tracks data from all of its delivery services in one place thanks to Otter

Pizzaclik Logo
"Each platform has its way of working, each one has its dashboard and we needed a channel that would clean this data and allow us to speed up the evaluation process to make decisions faster." - Alessio Lo Piano, Pizzaclik

Otter reviews from Mid-Market Businesses 

Otter’s advanced restaurant management & optimisation solutions help Mid-Market restaurants optimise and grow their delivery operation without increasing complexity.

Otter helps Burger Fuel, Il Caffe di Roma and Nar scale their operations

Burger Fuel Logo
“We started focusing on delivery in March, and it has been a continuous growth. Every month, we have been getting more orders than the previous month. Since our orders and revenue have multiplied by 7.” - Faizan Ansar, Al Khayyat Investments (AKI): Burger Fuel, Il Caffe di Roma, and Nar

IRO Sushi streamlines its delivery business with Otter’s Order Manager

IRO Sushi Logo
"Before Otter, we had Hungryhouse, Just Eat, our website, Deliveroo and Uber within five or six tablets running around the restaurant. Chefs got lost with which order came first, which was second and then, sometimes, tickets got lost. Sometimes the last order was made first, and the first order was made last. It was a bit of chaos.” - Chhong Sherpa, IRO Sushi

Otter’s Menu Management solution helps EDOSTAR improve their KPIs by taking control of its inventory.

EDOStar Group Logo
“One of the biggest issues was that teams didn't have time to mark products as unavailable or simply forgot to do so on certain tablets. Otter allows us to significantly limit this type of error and improve our KPIs on delivery platforms". - Louis Fossati and Marc-Antoine Tamba, EDOSTAR Group


Thousands of restaurants trust Otter to increase sales, save time, and make delivery easier.

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Local Heroes

Otter Reviews - Hear from Burger Fuel, Yummy Wok, and more about their experience using Otter!

Hear from real restaurants about their experience using Otter.

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