The command center for your delivery business

Restaurants use Business Manager to gain insight and manage their delivery business

* Some discrepancies may occur as data imports at different times.

Actionable insights

Review your business performance to better understand which areas are working well and which areas could use some attention.

Powerful filters

The Dashboard starts in one simple view and provides filters that allow you to drill into the data and get down to the nitty gritty.

Exportable reports

The Reports show all of the data that lives behind the dashboard, along with the ability to export to spreadsheets for distribution.

24/7 support

We are here to help make sure you are able to set everything up and take full advantage of all the value that comes with the product.

Consolidated order management
Station-specific ticket printing
Back office
Insights to optimize the business

Connect your delivery services

Otter makes it easy to add new locations and services. After everything is set up, Otter merges your data into one simple view that provides better insight into the performance of your locations.

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See the 360-degree view of your online business

Otter offers powerful filters that allow you to drill down by sales, order volume, payout, location, brand, or delivery service to understand the different facets of the business.

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Export your reports to spreadsheets

Behind Otter’s beautiful graphs live a wealth of data. All of that data is organized into powerful-yet-simple reports that are able to be exported to spreadsheets that can be shared with your team.

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Otter centralizes our online ordering platforms at an affordable price.

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