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Sometimes you just want a little extra. Extra support. Extra features. Extra everything.

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Sometimes you just want a little extra. Extra support. Extra features. Extra everything.
How to Succeed in Delivery

Sustainable restaurants are trending: learn how & why implementing top restaurant sustainability practices matters

Prioritising sustainability will help your restaurant increase sales and stand out from competitors in a big way. Read on to learn how implementing six of the top restaurant sustainability practices will benefit your bottomline.

How to Succeed in Delivery

10 review response templates for your restaurant (positive & negative!)

Are you struggling with the best way to respond to your restaurant reviews? After analysing hundreds of restaurant reviews online, we’ve created 10 powerful review response templates ready to use for your business.

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Restaurants – manage your menus across locations, brands and platforms all in one place with Otter's new Menu Management feature.

How to Succeed in Delivery

What is a ghost kitchen?

As with any restaurant innovation, the ghost kitchen trend is evolving rapidly and growing at an accelerated rate. In this article, we’ll dig into everything you need to know about ghost kitchens.

Local Heroes

Going all in on virtual brands to succeed in delivery at Figueroa Philly

Local Hero: Danny Hizami, Figueroa Philly

How to Succeed in Delivery

Guide: 10 ways to increase your restaurant's delivery revenue.

Download our free guide featuring 10 tactics to increase your restaurant’s delivery sales.

Local Heroes

How one group of friends created a delivery only restaurant concept in the midst of the pandemic at Casina Montreal

Local Heroes: Jérémie, Gad, Kevin and Laurent of Casina Montreal

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