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How UAE cloud kitchen Feed Me Kitchen manages four restaurants under one roof

March 21, 2022

“Otter has all the integrations with the delivery services, so picking it was a no-brainer”

The goal of Feed Me Kitchen (FMK), a cloud kitchen company based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, is simple: to serve people with high-quality and nutritious delicacies at their comfort. Founded in 2020, Feed Me Kitchen aims to be the food network for those who crave “healthy and nutritious food with convenience at heart.”

The cloud kitchen brings together 5 online-only restaurants operating under one roof: Tawook Lord (Lebanese cuisine), Fish Basket (seafood), Wings Basket (marinated chicken wings), and Biryani me (biryani dishes).

Read on to learn more about running a cloud kitchen in the UAE—and how Otter helps supercharge their delivery service across multiple brands.

How Feed Me Kitchen launched four different brands, all from the same place

Feed Me Kitchen is yet another example of the food industry’s transformation, where consumers increasingly understand the value of delivery. Growth is here, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping: in the UAE, it is expected that user penetration in the Online Food Delivery segment will reach 35.9% in 2022. By 2026, the nation alone will house 3.9 million users.

All in all, the UAE is the second-largest market for online food ordering in the MENA region, and that opportunity is what Feed Me Kitchen's founder Nasser Khanjar saw. “We started from one kitchen with multiple brands,” he explains. Nasser quit his job to help the family business, a seafood restaurant that didn’t have an online presence. That’s when he got the idea to use their existing resources to create four new virtual brands operating from the same place.

“The concept was to create multiple virtual brands, but without complicating the supply chain,” he explains, “so the ingredients we are using are similar for all of the brands.” Feed Me Kitchen saw great success during their first year in business, especially with their Lebanese cuisine brand, Tawook Lord.

How Feed Me Kitchen uses Otter to streamline their food delivery service

“As a business just starting out, Otter was the perfect solution to integrate my brands smoothly.”

Once Feed Me Kitchen started growing, it became apparent that finding a delivery management system was a big priority. At that point, the restaurant's brands were listed in multiple delivery apps like Deliveroo, Talabat and Zomato. They had eight different tablets and one laptop to handle. Tasks like receiving orders, sending them to the kitchen and preparing the food on time became challenging. “Our mission was to find a solution.”

At first, Feed Me Kitchen signed up for an Otter-competitor to aid all their delivery headaches, but Nasser was quickly disappointed with the lack of integrations. “They told me they had all the integrations. Obviously, all these companies say they do,” he recalls laughing. “There were issues with accepting orders, a lot of issues with their partners. It wasn’t working.”

That’s when he came across Otter, which he found to be “a no-brainer.” Aside from the hardware, what Nasser found appealing was the ease of use for new businesses. While he had previous experience in the sector, he was still handling multiple new brands in a single location, and a lot of the work relied on him. For that reason, “Otter was the perfect solution.”

“With Otter automated features, my staff prepares the orders happily without facing any issues. There’s no need for them to accept the orders manually or to focus on anything else.”

As food delivery grows, so do the number of delivery services. Aggregators such as Talabat, Deliveroo, Zomato and Careem are just a few of the ways to order a meal. Most restaurateurs aim to be on more than one delivery platform to increase their sales. But using more than one service means balancing orders, notifications, menus, and multiple tablets.

Otter’s Order Manager solution allows Feed Me Kitchen to take control of its delivery business through tablet consolidation, order management, and integrations. Plus, as a centralised hub for online orders, Otter provides a range of management solutions from order auto acceptance, to menu management, to storefront pausing and more.

Thanks to Otter, Feed Me Kitchen said goodbye to tablet chaos, eliminated the possibility of human error through our auto-accept feature and partnered with multiple delivery services without the extra stress.

“As a business just starting out, Otter was the perfect solution to integrate my brands smoothly”, says Nasser. “With Otter automated features, my staff prepares the orders happily without facing any issues.” That way, he says, the staff can focus on their main task without any additional concerns.

That main task? Preparing delicious food, of course.


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How UAE cloud kitchen Feed Me Kitchen manages four restaurants under one roof

Read on to learn more about running a cloud kitchen in the UAE—and how Otter helps Feed Me Kitchen supercharge their delivery service across multiple brands.

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